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HR Coil Cutting Machine In Cut To Length And Slitting Line
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Slitting Line



l  Low operating costs

l  High automation level to reduce non-productive times

l  Flexibility from customer-specific arrangement and design

l  Fully automatic strip threading systems

l  Fully automatic coil peeler for over-payoff and under-payoff uncoilers

l  Double slitters(optional), one slitter in production, the other in tool setting, interchanged after the production is finished, minimize the time for tool changing

l  Fully automatic adjustment of edge scrap guiding, automatic scraps discharge

l  Automatic clamping and unclamping of the cutting tools on the knife arbor

l  Automatic strip strand transfer systems

l  Special braking units for strips with high surface finish(optional)

l ESCL series slitter and CTL combined lines combine a slitter and a shear into one line. They not only can do slitting and recoiling but also cut-to-length and stacking of coil material.










Work ways

剪切材料Cutting materials

剪切材料Coil material




圆盘剪 disc cuts

主动+拉剪Initiative+pull cut











Low alloy steel and low carbon






圆盘剪 disc cuts

主动+拉剪Initiative+pull cut





圆盘剪 disc cuts

主动+拉剪Initiative+pull cut





圆盘剪 disc cuts

主动+拉剪Initiative+pull cut





圆盘剪 disc cuts

主动+拉剪Initiative+pull cut





圆盘剪 disc cuts

主动+拉剪Initiative+pull cut





圆盘剪 disc cuts

主动+拉剪Initiative+pull cut



Working process


Coil-loading——single head uncoiling——Coil-end-feeding & shoveling——2 pinch  rolls & 5-rollers leveling——head cutting----Hole Accumulator(1)-----aligning----Disc slitting——Scrap rewinder——Hole Accumulator(2)——Pre-separator/Tensioner——Separator & Recoiler——Coils-discharging——Hydraulic control——Electric control




1. Coil loading car

   1.Structure: Four wheels, car body made by welding

   2.Driving motor: 4kw cycloid pin-wheel motor

   3.Up-down movement driving: hydraulic cylinder dia200×700mm

   4.Up-down moving distance: 700mm

   5.Max loading weight: 25000Kg.

2. Decoiler machine

   1.Way of decoil:double head direction hydraulic inner expansion  

   2.Form of expansion and shrank:hydraulic oil cylinder driven

   3.form of tightening:double direction movable

.  4.power of movement:hydraulic oil cylinder (oil cylinder specification dia125mmx900mm)

   5.specification of platform: dia508mm.dia610mm.dia760mm

   6.coil max outer dia:2100mm

   7.coil width:600mm--1500mm

   8.Max loading capacity:25000kgs


 3. Coil guiding & shoveling equipment

    1.Structure: welding assembly with steel plates, up-down movement by hydraulic cylinder .

    2.Two sets of dia80×400mm hydraulic cylinder

    3.Traction wheel: dia300 × 600mm, NBR rubber wheel

    4.Driving motor for traction: 4kw cycloid pin-wheel motor

    5.Shoveling structure: welding assembly with steel plates, two tongue-shaped plates(big one to move up-        and-down, small one to expand and contract)

    6.Hydraulic cylinder for big tongue up-down movement: dia100×400mm

    7.Hydraulic cylinder for small tongue expansion dia63×400mm


4. Double-roller pinch feeding & Five roller leveling equipment

    1.Welding assembly with steel plates, double-roller pinch feeding the coil strip.

    2.pinch  roller and leveling roller: dia160×1550mm

    3.Material of feeding roller and leveling roller:down roller: 40Cr, hard chrome plating, upper roller covered          with NBR rubber

    4.Oil cylinder for up-down moving of feeding rollers: two pcs, dia80×100mm

    5.Up-down moving of flattening rollers: by worm and worm gear, 2.2KW pin-wheel speed reducer.

    6.The driving power of flattening rollers: 7.5KW AC frequency speed adjusting motor .

5. head-cutting Equipment
    To cut off the redundant end of hot rolled coils, here install one hydraulic shearing equipment for max.1500mm wide and 6mm thick strip.


6. Hole Accumulator

   1.Structure: hole with cement walls, two pieces of turnover plate to more or less cover the hole, so as to         accumulate some strip in the hole.

   2.Hole dimension: 5mL×2.2mW×3mH

7.Aligning equipment

   1.Structure: vertical rollers to restrict the progressing position of strip, while horizontal rollers to press strip.

   2.Vertical rollers: three pairs, dia120×125mm, high-frequency quenching

   3.Horizontally press roller: dia100×1550mm

   4.Hydraulic cylinder for up-down moving of press roller: dia80×100mm

   5.To adjust one side of vertical rollers by double lead screws with adjusting range: 500-1500mm

8. Disc Slitting Machine

   1.Structure: disc cutters circle shearing spindle tight, and the spindle is installed on support stand.

   2.The spindle to install disc blades: dia250×1550mm

   3.Material of the slitting shafts: 40Cr, forging and tempering, medium-frequency quenching, hard chrome         plating, fine polishing.

   4.Disc slitting blades: D380×d250×T10mm

   5.Material of disc blades: 6CrW2Si, hardness after quenching HRC56-58°

   6.Driving style: 90KW DC motor, matched with speed reducer, gearbox and universal joint.

   7.Control on DC motor: Eurotherm 590 controller

   8.Pressing-down of shearing spindle: 2.2KW cycloid pin-wheel motor with worm gear box

   9.To change disc cutter: hydraulically (dia63×450mm)driven, one stand of the disc shearer outward move           until disc cutters can be installed

   10.slitting speed: 0-80m/min


   11.slitting width accuracy:+/-0.03mm


9. Scrap reeler/rewinder

    1.Structure: wo scrap reelers, with one on each side of the slitting line

    2.Each reel/rewinder: dia450×350mm

    3.Each reel is driven by 7.5KW motor under frequency control, slip is realized by friction wafer

10.Pre-separator and Tensioner

    1.Pre-separating shaft: dia95×1550mm

    2.Pre-separating discs: dia200×6mm, 65Mn quenching treatment

    3.Manually move outward the stand of one side up to be able to install pre-separating discs

    4.Tensioning style: press the upper beam of tensioner stand down, put wooden plate and wool felt                  between upper and down beams

    5.The pressing-down strength is done by two dia100×150mm hydraulic cylinders, and strength is                     adjustable.

    6.Balanced length-measuring roller: dia320×1550mm, covered with NBR rubber.

11.Recoiler and pressing-Separator

    1.Gear drive by gearbox, expansion and clamping of recoiler is driven by hydraulic cylinder through                  slanting slider.

    2.Recoiling shaft: dia230×1500mm(width of recoiling block)

    3.Recoiling block: dia508×1500mm

    4.Strength for expansion of recoiler: hydraulic cylinder dia160×100mm.

    5.The support bracket of recoiling shaft: steel structural component, hydraulic cylinder dia80×350mm shaft: dia95×1500mm

    7.Separating discs: dia200×6mm, 65Mn quenching treatment

    8.Pressing-down the separating shaft: hydraulic dia80×300mm, strength adjustable

    9.Recoiling power: DC 110KW motor

   10.DC motor control: Eurotherm 590 controller


   11.Recoiling speed: max 60m/min

   12.Max recoiled coil weight:25000kg


12.Coil-discharging car

1.Structure: four wheels, car body by welding

2.Driving motor: 3KW cycloid pin-wheel motor

3.Up-down movement driving: hydraulic cylinder


Packaging & Shipping

 Electrical panel shipped should be sea worthy packing and treated by anti-rust,

the cargo shall be properly packed in seaworthy packing to the specific items. 
The other equipment are naked shall be strong enough to withstand long distance oceanic transportation and multiple handling. Waterproof material shall be adopted where ever it is necessary to protect the cargo from moisture, rain and sea water.




1. Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: Our factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is about 55KM from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, by car takes about one hour. We will pick you up at the airport.


2. Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the end. Each part of the machine components are strictly processed by advanced machine tools and experienced staffs. Every machine element is checked and inspected by our QC. Each machine before delivery shall test run and be well checked.


3. Q: Do you have after sales support?

A: Yes, we are happy to give advice and we also have skilled technicians available, We need your machines running in order to keep your business running.


4. Q: Once we've bought a machine from you, are you able to supply us with material?

A: We can assist you in finding the appropriate materials to suit your machine


5. Q: Do you sell only standard machines?

A: No, most of our machines are built according to customers specifications, using top brand components


6. Q: Do you have a warranty on your machines?

A: we guarantee one year warranty. At the same time, we provide lifelong technical support.


7. Q: Once a machine arrives at our factory what happens then?

A: We will send you technician or engineer who will assist the commissioning and installation of your machine, with training for your staff.


8. Q: What kind of controls do you use on your machines?

A: Yaskawa, Omron, Delta, Schneider, Siemens, and Mitsubishi and etc.


9. Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Depending on the type of machine, duration of 25 days to 185 days from date of order.


Welcome to but the quality used and automatic HR coil cutting machine in cut to length and slitting line from our company, a professional supplier in this field. Competitive in its stable structure and good performance, this second hand product won't let you down.

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